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Light on Dimensions

Vicky Anna Lardschneider

Since 2021

Kunstlabor 2, Muca foundation

Munich Germany



Light on Dimensions is an installation on influencing factors and their relation to each other, which directly affect the life of each individual, as well as the entire humanity. The project is based on the consideration and analysis of the spatial (planet) and temporal dimensionalities (existence) known to us. These are

Origin - The core of being (1st dimension) | point
Development - The process of evolution (2nd dimension) | lines
Infrastructure - the architecture of life (3rd dimension) | space
Individuality - the individual view of man (4th dimension) | Interaction Growth - Self-reflection (5th dimension) | Reflection

The circularly acting influencing factors, so-called components, are represented as circles. Their characteristic is to always return to their beginning and thus to be sustainable. These include above all "time" and "universal interconnectedness". The lines reflect steady components. These do not have a lasting effect and are exhausted in the future. Prominent examples are the "dissolution of resources" and "the exploitation of nature".

With the project the artist pursues the goal to convey that we can guarantee full sustainability. To do this, she relates "meaning" and "value" to each other. Both have their origin
in the core of being and thus have always been closely connected with each other. Both the "sense" and the "value" have interfaces with the "time" and the "infrastructure" that man himself has created. These interfaces represent the cornerstones of the architecture of life.

The art installation is to unite, in simplified form of the complexity of life, everything that creates the dimensional jumps. Thus, with the goal of sustainability and thus eternal life, I let the form follow the function. - VA

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